About Me

About Brad

I was born in Maine, a small state in the United States. I grew up in a small town, and then went to college. I have a bachelors and a masters degree in history. I lived in New York City for seven years, talking about history and culture. But I wanted to do something more challenging. My boss said I should I go to Europe. So I did. I moved to Prague in August 2014, and I really like the city. So, I will be here a long time.

I will be happy to tell you more later. But I want to talk about you and your English. Look at my site, and contact me for your FREE demonstration lesson today!


Our First Meeting

In our first meeting, I will see what problems you have, and what you want from me. We will work on your problems and discomfort, and then begin to expand your English skills.


My Style

I like to keep my students talking. We will discuss a topic of your choice, using an article, video, sound, or whatever you want. We will also expand your vocabulary and look at a specific grammar. Below is a common lesson frame:

-A brief conversation, so you are thinking English

-Reading an article or watching a video about a topic of your choice with new vocabulary

-Examine examples of a new grammar and practice how to use it

-A longer conversation about the topic, using the new grammar and vocabulary

-Talk about the next lesson's topic